Find Beautiful Quilted Baby Play-Mats for Your Little One

When it comes to buying your child a playmat, most of the options seem to be bulky, ugly or made from uncomfortable plastic. Here at Mini Heritage, however, we have taken it upon ourselves to source all the most beautifully crafted, uniquely designed options from Australian or International labels.

In our online store, you will find a vast array of products that suit a range of different decors and little personalities. All you need to do is place your order today and we’ll quickly ship your little one’s padded play mat out to your door in no time!

Padded play mats available in a range of designs

As any parent would know, your baby’s playmat becomes one of their favourite places as they grow and develop over the months and years. Because of this, we at Mini Heritage have sourced a wide range of incredible padded, quilted and foam playmats in a variety of designs and colours for your baby to enjoy.

Comfortable, stylish and made from gorgeous materials that are gentle on their skin, you simply can’t get any better than our assortment of options. Whether you’re looking for a baby padded playmat they can lay comfortably on or a quilted option that is plush and luxurious, we have it all. Available in many different sizes and patterns, there is truly something for every child amongst our range.

Why shop with us?

Here at Mini Heritage, we are proud parents ourselves. This means that we know all about the frustrations of finding unique clothing and products they can enjoy but that will also stand the test of time. For this reason, we source all our items from reputable Australian labels who we know stand for the same standards of craftsmanship that we want our customers to enjoy.

From bedding and blankets to canopies, bows and headbands, decorative wall art and more, you will be spoilt for choice when you shop in our incredible online catalogue. Made from beautiful materials, you and your child will love our products now and for years to come.

Place your order today

No matter what you’re looking to buy for your little one, Mini Heritage is sure to have a special piece they will love in our collection. Browse our online store today and place your order to enjoy shipping to your door!